After sales service inquiries

Provide Tex Riken with information on the test object (material, shape and nonconforming items).
Tex Riken lets the customer know whether or not the relevant object can be tested based on our testing records.
Send conforming and nonconforming samples.
Tex Riken carries out tests on the samples sent.
Tex Riken prepares a report on the test results and discusses the specifications of the tester.
Tex Riken submits an estimate for the tester with the specifications required by the customer.
After the specifications, price and delivery deadline of the tester are agreed upon and the order is placed by the customer, Tex Riken begins manufacturing the tester.
When delivering the product, Tex Riken conducts a trial run and provides operating instructions.
  • Request for documents/testing
  • Technical information

Contact information

Tex Riken Co., Ltd.
3-3-3 Kamikoshien, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo
663-8114 Japan
TEL:+81-798-48-3800 / FAX:+81-798-41-3708
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