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Digital eddy current tester

This is a Windows 7-based high-spec eddy current tester. It is user-friendly with a touch panel and can be easily connected to the network. Furthermore, not only its flaw detection accuracy but also its operability has been dramatically improved with enhanced methods for setting testing conditions and displaying maintenance/testing results. We also offer multiple-channel models.

Analog eddy current tester

This is a low-priced eddy current tester with limited functions according to usage. We can customize the functions and size according to customers’ needs; we can offer detectors that can be incorporated into production facilities, for example.

Sensing coils and probes

We can manufacture various types of sensing coils and probes according to test samples at low prices and short lead times. We also offer repair services.

Magnetic saturation devices and demagnetizers

We offer magnetic saturation devices and demagnetizers sized according to the outside diameter of test samples.

Digital recording system

This system can easily replace paper-based recorders. It is user friendly with simple push button operation. It comes with its own dedicated search software application, allowing easy searches and access to the testing data. We also offer multiple-channel models.

Automatic inspection instruments

We also develop and manufacture various inspection instruments other than eddy current testers that can solve various problems for the customer. Consult us about the specific difficulties your company faces, especially those related to accuracy, cycle time and cost.

Imaging inspection

Our products have been used not only for surface flaw inspections and shape inspections but also to process surveillance. We propose the most suitable specifications customized according to our customers’ needs.

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